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Your machine makes buttonholes to any

size you choose in only four, easy steps.

• You never need to move the fabric or repo­

sition the needle.

• Always make a practice buttonhole on a

sample of your fabric.

• Be sure bobbin contains enough thread.

• When making buttonholes on hard-to-

reach areas convert machine bed to free
arm sewing.

• Mark buttonhole position on fabric as indi­

cated in pattern.

Recommended settings

Stitch Selection:

Buttonhole Stitch
no. 1

Stitch Width:



Buttonhole (L)

Needle Plate:

General Purpose (A)

step 1

Raise presser foot.
Place fabric under foot.
Centre 3 red guidelines (1) of foot around
beginning line of buttonhole.

Turn buttonhole dial to the first buttonhole

symbol for the first step.

Position needle in fabric at point (2) by

turning the hand wheel towards you.

Stitch down to point 3.

step 2

• Raise needle out of fabric.
• Turn buttonhole dial to the second button­

hole symbol for the second step.

• Make at least four stitches, ending at

point (4).