SINGER 714 Graduate User Manual

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{Furnished with classroom machines,)

Positioning the Guard

Before raising or lowering the guard, turn off

the power and light switch. This will avoid the
possibility of accidentally starting the machine
while the needle is unguarded.

Raising the Guard

To thread and replace the needle and change
the presser foot:

# Position the needle above the throat plate

by turning the hand wheel toward you,

• Swing the guard out to the left and raise it

to the position shov/n.

Lowering the Guard

For sewing and bobbin winding:

♦ Position the needle above the throat plate

by turning the hand wheel toward you.

• Swing the guard down and position it as

far to the right as it vnil go.

Using the Guard

The finger guard can be used with all of the

accessories supplied with your machine and
many of the Special Accessories available at

your local Singer Sewing Center. The standard

sewing procedures outlined in this instruction

manual should be used, except as noted below,


Darning with an Embroidery Hoop

When using the feed cover throat plate for
darning with an embroidery hoop, as explained
on page 41, swing the finger guard out of the
way. For hoop darning v/ith the finger guard,

use the general purpose or straight stitch

throat plate. Follow the same sewing pro­
cedure with all plates.

Using the Seam Guide

To avoid the possibility of interference be­

tween the finger guard and the seam guide,
lower the finger guard and the presser foot
before positioning and securing the seam
guide to the machine.

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