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Zig-Zag & STRETCH Sewing Machine by SINGER


The new Zig-Zag & STRETCH model 714 sewing machine you are about to

use will take you into a wonderful new world of sewing. In addition to the

familiar Singer exclusives — Slant Needle and Front Drop-in Bobbin — this
sewing machine offers you:

the simplicity of dial controls. Now you can simply dial a stitch length,

a stitch width, pressure and tension settings

built-in stitch patterns, which let you produce a straight stitch and a

variety of zig-zag patterns by simpiy turning a dial, plus Flexi-Stitch*

patterns for stitching knit and stretch fabrics and producing intricate

stitch designs

exclusive built-in threading chart that flips open to keep an easy-to-

follow diagram at your fingertips

one-way needle clamp that makes it impossible to insert the needle


stitch control dial that lets you switch from regular to s-t-r-e-t-c-h


guidelines on both sides of the throat plate, which help you keep seams


convenient power and light switch that gives you a choice of two


easy throat plate changing — throat plate secured by magnets is easy

to lift out for cleaning.

three-position presser foot lifter that lets you place bulky fabric or

many fabric layers under the presser foot

built-in sewing light that illuminates the sewing area

Your SINGER sewing machine is the key to your sewing success when used

properly. To achieve professional results, SINGER suggests you sit down

at your machine and go through this book step by step before you begin to

sew. You’ll discover all the many advantages of sewing with your Zig-

Zag & STRETCH sewing machine.

Enjoy sewing!

SINGER* Service is always close at hand. If your machine should need
servicing, call your local SINGER Sewing Center to be sure of warranted
SINGER Parts and Service. You wiil find the address in the telephone direc­

tory under SINGER COMPANY.

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All Rights Reserved Throughout the World

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