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Pattern: Plain Zig-Zag I
Stitch Width: À and 4
Needle Position: L

Feed Cover Throat Plate

Zig-Zag Foot

The space between the holes in the button de­
the stitch width settings. The A set­

ting must always be used to position the needle

over the left hole and fasten stitching. For but­

tons with standard hole spacing, use settings

A and 4. For buttons with unusual hole spac­

ing, use setting A and increase or decrease

the width setting 4 as necessary.

To sew on two- or four-hole buttons, approxi­

mately one inch ( 25 mm) in diameter or larger:

1. Set stitch width dial at A . Position button

under foot so that the needle will enter the
left hole. Lower foot. Turn hand wheel to­

ward you until needle rises out of button
and is just above the foot.

2. Set stitch width at 4. Then, when you begin

to stitch, the needle should enter the right

hole of button. Take six or more zig-zag

stitches at this setting, ending on left side.

3. To fasten stitching, return to stitch width

A and take about three stitches.

For best results with buttons smaller than one
inch (25mm) in diameter, it is recommended that

the Button Sewing Foot be used. See page 47.



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