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straight Stitch Locking Key


The feed cover throat plate replaces the throat

plate when fabric feeding is not desired. Use it

for button sewing (page 25) and free-motion
darning (page 41).

Changing Throat Plate

(NOTE: Remove bobbin if it contains thread in

order to prevent thread being caught when
throat plate is replaced.)

1. Raise needle to its highest position and

raise presser foot.

2. Open slide plate. Remove throat plate by

placing thumb under plate and lifting it up

and out.

3. Position new plate over the two pins and

release. (Throat plate is drawn into position
by magnets.)

4. Close slide plate,


The seam guide will help you to stitch seams of
perfectly uniform width. It 1$ especially useful
for curved seams or topstitching, when ab­
solute accuracy is required. Also, because it

allows you to guide stitches at any distance

between 1/8 inch (3mm) and 1-1/4 inches

(32mm) from fabric edge, it is useful for very

narrow or unusually wide seams.

Attaching the Seam Guide

Place screw in hole to the right of the slide
plate; line up straight edge of guide with the

throat plate guideline for desired seam width,
and tighten screw.


The locking key furnished with your acces­

sories is used to remove the pins that lock the
dial controls for straight stitching in center

needle position. Insert key into locking pin and

turn key counterclockwise to remove pin. To

‘lock” the m.achine in straight stitch position,

set dials at A , A and i . insert pins from
top through dials and turn key clockwise.

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