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cleaning the machine

Your machine will serve you perfectly for many
years if you take a few moments of your time

to keep it dean. How often you will need to
clean the machine will depend on how often
you use it

CAUTION: Before cleaning your machine, dis­
connect power-line plug from electrical supply.

Remove lint or fluff from exposed parts. With a

soft cloth, clean:

• Tension discs, presser bar, and needle bar

• Take-up lever and thread guides

• Bobbin case (If there is a lot of lint in the

area, rernove bobbin case for cleaning. See
page 44 for Instructions.)

• Machine surface {If necessary, damperi the

cloth and use a mild soap.)

Open the face plate and clean area behind it
with a brush.

Remove throat plate as instructed on page 6
and, using a brush, clean the rotating hook
area under the throat plate and slide plate.

After cleaning, apply only SINGER* oil at

points indicated below. SINGER oil is speci­
ally prepared and does not contain harmful

deposits that can interfere with the smooth
action of precision parts.

Approximately once every year, remove top
and bottom covers as instructed on page 43,
and clean and lubricate all moving or rotating
machine connections to ensure freedom of

movement and to protect metal parts from

excessive wear. To determine which connec­
tions are moving or rotating, turn hand wheel
slowly (by hand) while covers are removed.


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