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Making the Welting


The corded seam is a professional treatment

for slipcovers, children’s clothes, blouses, and

lingerie. To make a corded seam, make the

welting first (or buy it ready-made at a notions
counter), then stitch it into the seam.

Pattern: Straight Stitch

Stitch Width:

Needle Position: A

Stitch Control: Slightly longer than for regular

Zig-Zag or Straight Stitch Throat Plate

Zipper Foot

Making a Corded Seam

Making the Welting

1. Buy cabie cord of desired size.

2. Cut bias strips of fabric to cover cord

(width: three times the diameter of the cord

plus 1-1/4 inches or 32mm).

3. If it is necessary to sew strips together to

obtain desired length, Join on the length­
wise fabric grain.

4. Fold bias fabric strip over cord, raw edges


5. Adjust zipper foot to ieft side of needie.

6. Lower the presser foot.

7. Stitch dose to cord {do not crowd stitching

against cord), pulling gently on the strip,
both in front and in back of the zipper foot.

Stitching Welting into Seam

1. Adjust zipper foot to the right of the needle

so that the bulk of the fabric will fail to left.

2. Stitch welting to the right side of a single

seam edge; guide the edge of the foot next

to the cord but do not crowd.

3. Place the attached welting over the second

seam edge, and pin or baste together.

4. Place the work under the needle, with the

first stitching on top so that you can use it

as a guide.

5. Stitch, crowding the foot against cord.


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