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Winding Steps (continyed)

3. Engage latch by pressing it toward the


4. Hold thread end as shown and start the ma­

chine. Thread end will snap off after a few
coils have been wound on the bobbin.

5. When required amount of thread has been

wound (full bobbin will automatically re­

lease), cut thread and remove bobbin from


6. Tighten hand wheel knob by turning it away

from you with your right hand while holding

the hand wheel with your left hand.

Hold Thread End to Start Winding


1. Hold bobbin so that the thread unwinds

in direction shown, and put bobbin in

bobbin case.

2. Pull thread into notch in bobbin case,

draw it under the tension spring, and

into the slot

3. Draw approximately three inches of

thread diagonally across the bobbin.

4. Close slide plate, allowing the thread

to enter the slot in the slide plate.


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