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principal parts and what they do

1. Stitch Pattern Dial can be set to produce

a smooth straight stitch or a practical (and

decorative) zig-zag stitch.

2. Tension Dial lets you select Just the right

tension for your stitch, thread, and fabric.
The numbers eliminate guesswork In du­

plicating settings.

3» Tension Discs, controlled by the tension

dial, regulate the amount of tension on
your needle thread,

4. Bobbin Winder Tension Discs regulate

thread tension for bobbin winding.

5. Take-up Lever controls flow of needle


Pressure Dial regulates presser-foot pres­

sure on fabric. It has an all-purpose sew­

ing setting plus settings for extra-light and

extra-heavy pressure and for darning.

7. Face Plate swings open for access to

threading chart and pressure dial.

8. Thread Cutter is built into presser bar for

safety and convenience.

9. Presser Foot holds fabric against feed.

10. Feed moves fabric under the presser foot.

11. Throat Plate, secured by magnets, lifts out

for removal. Guidelines on right and left

sides of plate help you keep seams straight.

12. Spool Pin holds spools of various sizes.

13. Bobbin Winder Latch and Spindle let you

fill bobbin quickly and easily. Latch dis­
engages when bobbin is full.

14. Bobbin Winder Thread Post guides the

thread when winding the bobbin.

15. Hand Wheel controls movement of take-up

lever and needle. Alv/ays turn it toward


18. Power and Light Switch turns on machine

and sewing light simultaneously. FAST and
SLOW speed range settings let you choose
the best sewing speed for your work.

17. Needle Position Dial places needle in

either L (left), A (center) or R (right)
stitching position.

18. Stitch Width Dial controls the width of

zig-zag stitching and positions the needle
for straight stitching.

19- Stitch Control Dial allows for a variety of

stitch lengths; also has a special STRETCH

setting for straight or zig-zag stretch


20. Reverse-Stitch Lever instantly reverses

stitching direction at the touch of your


21. Built-in Sewing Light illuminates sewing

area. Pull-down bracket makes It easy to

replace bulb.

22. Needle Clamp is designed to make needles

self-setting and eliminate the possibility
of inserting needle backwards.

23. Slide Plate, opens easily, lets you see

bobbin. Seam guidelines (extended from

throat plate) have cross lines to help you
turn square corners.

24. Presser-Foot Lifter, at back of machine,

allows you to raise and lower presser foot.
Extra-high lift position permits easy place­
ment of bulky fabrics.

25. Bobbin shows thread supply, is easily re­

moved for winding.

26. Bobbin Case Tension Screw regulates

bobbin-thread tension. Seldom needs ad­


27. Electrical Connections and Speed Con­

troller are designed for your convenience
and safety.

28. Hand Wheel Knob engages hand wheel to

sewing mechanism. Loosen knob for bob­

bin winding.

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