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To keep the seam straight, use one of the num­
bered guidelines on the throat plate. The num­
bers indicate distance, in eighths of an inch,
from the needle. If you want a 5/8 inch (16mm)
seam, for example, line up your fabric with the
number 5 guideline. Note that both number 5
guidelines (the most commonly used) are ex­
tended on the slide plate for your convenience:
the crosslines serve as cornering guides when
stitching a square corner.

For extra help in keeping the seam straight, you
may wish to use the seam guide. Because it
allows you to guide stitches between 1/8 inch

(3mm) and 1*-1 /4 inches (32mm) from the fabric

edge, it is useful for very narrow or unusually
wide seams.


To turn a square corner 5/8 inch (16mm)
from the fabric edge, you need not measure
or mark the seam. Simply use the
crosslines on the slide plate.

Line up your fabric with right or left
guideline 5 on the throat plate. Stitch

seam, slowing speed as you approach

Stop stitching, with the needle down,

when the bottom edge of the fabric

reaches the cornering crosslines on the

slide plate.

Raise presser foot and turn fabric on
needle, bringing bottom edge of fabric
in line with guideline 5.

Lower the presser foot and stitch in new


Pivoting at Corner

Fabric at Crosslines

Fabric after Turning


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