Threading your sewing machine, The bobbin thread – SINGER 413 User Manual

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threading your sewing machine

Like all sewing machines that produce

what is called a "lockstitch”, your Stylist

sewing machine sews with two threads.
The upper thread comes from the spool

and is threaded through the eye of the
needle. The lower thread comes from the
bobbin, the small transparent spool that

you wind using the machine. It is best to
wind the bobbin before threading the


Winding the Bobbin

• Raise the presser foot and turn the hand

wheel toward you until needle is at its

highest position.

• Loosen the hand wheel knob by turning

it toward you with the right hand while
holding the hand wheel with the left

• Open slide plate. Draw plate toward

you, opening it just enough to make

bobbin accessible (opening it all the

way raises the pin that holds the throat

plate in place).

• Lift out bobbin and close slide plate to

make sure throat plate is secure while

Loosening Hand Wheel Knob