Shell edging – SINGER 413 User Manual

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Flexi-Stitch Pattern Dial:



Pattern Selector: A...A (blindstitch)

Needle Position: C

Stitch Width: 3 to 5

Stitch Length : 12 to 25

General Purpose Throat Plate

General Purpose Foot

On soft, fine fabrics such as tricot, voile

and crepe, shell edging makes an attrac­
tive finish for narrow hems or bias folds
in blouses, slips and petticoats.

Make a test on a sample of your fabric to

find the right thread tension, stitch

length, and stitch width.

1. Place folded hem (basted, if neces­

sary) or bias fold under presser foot,
with hem or fold to the left.

Shell Edging with

the Blindstitch

2. Stitch slowly, guiding fabric so that

the sideward stitches are made over
the folded edge.