Blindstitch zipper insertion – SINGER 413 User Manual

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ZIPPERS (Continued)



Flexi-Stitch Pattern Dial:



• Pattern Selector: A...A (Blindstitch)

• Needle Position: L

• Stitch Width : 2

• Stitch Length ; 12

• Zipper Foot

• General Purpose Throat Plate

Final Step of Blindstitch

Zippei* Insertion

Completed Blindstitch

Zipper Insertion

Blindstitching, used instead of straight

stitching for the final step in zipper
insertion, gives a fine finish that is almost
invisible. Indispensable for knits, napped

fabrics, and sheers.

1. Allow for a l-inch seam allowance in

the zipper area when you cut garment.

2. Insert zipper in the usual way up to the

final step ; then, turn garment right side

out and spread flat with zipper face up.


Work from the right side and pin

zipper tape into position.


Baste a guideline for blindstitching

alongside zipper, about f inch from
garment seam. Make sure basting
stitches go through ail fabric layers
and zipper tape. Remove pins.

5. Adjust zipper foot to right side of


6. Turn garment wrong side out. Place

lower end of zipper tape over feed and

turn front section of garment back to
line of basting, creating a soft fold to

the left of the needle.

7. Set stitch width selector and position

work so that the straight stitches will
go through the seam allowance and

zipper tape, and the sideward stitches
catch a few threads of the fold.

8. Lower zipper foot and stitch slowly.

After stitching, remove basting and

press lightly.