Special accessories for special jobs, Fashion aids – SINGER 413 User Manual

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Professional Buttonholer


special accessories

for special jobs

Fashion aids have been designed to

increase the versatility of your sewing
machine and enable you to give your

sewing that extra professional touch.
The ones described on this and the
following page are just a few of the
complete selection available at your local
Singer Sewing Center.





102575 sews six kinds of buttonholes,

plus eyelets, In a wide variety of fabrics.

Monogrammer No. 171269 makes f­

inch-high initials to form monograms or
names that add a charming individual

touch to handkerchiefs, blouse collars,
ties, etc.

Ruffler No. 86742 offers a simple,

effective way to make gathered and
pleated ruffles. The ruffler is used for
straight stitching only.

Binder Foot No. 81245 is used to apply

ready-made bias tape or unfolded bias
binding to an unfinished fabric edge. It is
particularly useful for binding seam edges

that might ravel.



Button Foot No. 161613 holds any

two-hole or four-hole button securely
for stitching. The groove in the foot can

be used to hold a needle, over which a

thread shank can be formed.