Handling the phone – UTStarcom Handset User Manual

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Safety Precautions


Handling the Phone


Do not use the phone while operating a vehicle.

Observe local regulations for specialized areas (hospital,
aircraft, etc) when using the phone.

Do not use the phone near electronic equipment prone to
interference. Radio frequency interference may result in
electronic equipment malfunction.
The following electronic equipment may be affected:
Hearing aids, pacemakers and other clinical electronic
devices, smoke detectors, automatic doors and other
automatically controlled devices.


Keep all storage media (magnetic cards, floppy disks,
credit cards, etc.) away from the phone. Close contact
can erase or damage the storage media.

Keep all sharp metal objects (pins, nails, hairpins etc.)
away from the phone handset. The handset earpiece
contains a strong magnet that can attract and hold metal
objects. To avoid personal injury, remove any objects
from the handset earpiece before using.