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Getting Started


1.5.2 Charging the Battery

Connect the charger to a standard 100~240V AC wall outlet.


LED Off: Battery not attached to phone


LED Blinking fast (500msec): Battery problem. The battery
temperature is abnormal.


LED Blinking slow (1sec on, 3 sec off): Battery is charging.


Service Light: Charging completed


Note: In case of a sudden electric power interruption, the travel
charger may not function properly. If this occurs, disconnect the
travel charger from the wall outlet, and try charging again after 5

1.5.3 Battery Level Indicator

You can monitor the battery status by checking the battery level indicator.
The number of blocks indicates the battery’s condition as follows:

Full charge

Low charge

Flashing indicates discharged

1.5.4 Power Management



Talk Time

Standby Time


160~210 min

45~140 Hours

Lithium Ion

800 mAh


70~90 min

11~13 Hours

The criteria of measurement are in accordance with our internal

These operating times are for a new battery. Approximate values may vary
depending on network configuration, signal strength and handset usage.