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7.2.2 Record Schedule

To record schedule time and contents:

Select a date on the calendar and press

[Select]. Choose [Empty] and


[Select]. Use the digit keys to change the Date and Time values.

At the txt field, enter the title of the entry and press

[OK]. To change

the value of Repeat, Remind & Melody, press


. To move to

the desired item, press the Navigation Key. Press

[Save] to save it.


Note: You cannot record more than 10 schedules. In order to record
more schedules, you must erase an existing schedule.

7.3 Countdown

1. Press


2. Press


. Choose [Empty] and press

[Select]. Press the digit keys to change the date. In
the countdown text field, enter the name of the

countdown. Press

[OK]. Then press

[Save] to save it.