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7.1.1 Quick Setting

To quickly set the alarm:

1. Press




2. The Quick Setting Screen will appear and the

setting will default to Off. Press



select the amount of time until the alarm will ring.
You can choose time between 5 minutes (at 5
minute intervals) to 24 hours (in 2 hour intervals).

3. Press

[Select] to set the alarm. To cancel

quick setting, press

or select “Off” on the

Quick Setting screen. Press

[Yes] to cancel

the alarm.

7.2 Schedule

Schedule sets an event and reminds you of the event.

1. Press


2. To display the list of all schedules, press


, then press

[List]. To display the list of

events for the selected date, press


7.2.1 Search Schedule


to select a date, then press

[Del] to

delete it or press

[Edit] to edit it.