Phonebook, Earch, 1 quick search – UTStarcom Handset User Manual

Page 54: 2 srch by name, 1 search

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11.1 Search #

The Phone Book stores up to 500 entries, each of
which can be assigned to a group.

Entries can be retrieved by Quick Search, Srch by
Name, Srch by #, Srch by Index and Srch by E-mail.
To search for an entry:

1. Press



Choose the search method and press


11.1.1 Quick Search

To search for phonebook data via address index

1. Press




2. Select an entry, then press

[Select] to view detailed information.

11.1.2 Srch by Name

To search phonebook data by entering part of a name:

1. Press




2. Select the search range of all phonebook or existing groups and press


3. Press

[Del] to delete the record or press

[Select] to view

detailed information.