Protect your warranty – UTStarcom Handset User Manual

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Protect Your Warranty



Read your Warranty carefully, with the special consideration to paragraph
seven of the Limited Warranty for your unit

“Warranty does not apply to... or to any product or part thereof which has
suffered through alteration... mishandling misuse, neglect or accident”

Many companies are making look alike accessories and in some cases,
promoting that their product is equal to or better than the
UTStarcom/Audiovox product. Be careful. Some of these products may
not be compatible to use with your UTStarcom/Audiovox product and may
damage the unit or cause it to malfunction. If service is required on your
unit and it is determined that a non-Audiovox accessory has created the
problem with your unit, the Warranty will not apply. In addition, if the unit
has already suffered irreversible damage by reason of a non-compatible
accessory, the Warranty will be voided. To protect your Warranty, use only
compatible accessories which cannot damage or interfere with the
functioning of your Audiovox product


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