Ecord, 2 record – UTStarcom Handset User Manual

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11.2 Record #

To record phone numbers to empty phonebook address:

1. Press



2. The next available phonebook location will be

displayed. Scroll down to each field to enter the

3. To edit the selected item press

, then press


- Maximum number of input addresses: 500

- Maximum number of input names: 16 characters

- Maximum number of input telephone No.: 32 digits

- Maximum number of input E-mail addresses: 48 characters

4. To save to the Phonebook, press


Voice Dial


To add a voice dial tag, select “Voice Dial” then press

. “Set Voice

Dial?” will be displayed. Press

[Yes]. “VR mode…Please Speak

Voice Tag” will be displayed and you will hear “Name please.” Say the
name clearly into the phone.

You will hear “Please say it again”. Say the name again.

You will hear “Added” and the phone’s display will return to phonebook
edit mode.

Voice Dial Calling



to enter Voice Activated Dialing mode.


“Say a name…” will be displayed and you will hear “Name please”. Say
the name and the phone will dial the number. You will hear “Calling”
and see the phonebook entry name and phone number on the display.