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4.2 Ring Type

To select a ring type:

1. Press




2. Press


to display the “Classic Rings”, “My Rings” or

“Other Rings” menu.

To listen to the ringer tone, scroll down the selection list. Ring tones

- Classic Rings: Lake, Waltz, Spring, Skate Waltz, Carmen,

Turkischer, Chorus, La Paloma, Pathetic Sym, Joy to World, Noel,
Hungary Dance, Jingle Bell, Serenade, Pastoral,

- My Rings: Select File

- Other Rings: Analog, Effect Bell, Funny Park, Western, Chinese

Song, Fantastic, Orgol, Duck, Country, Tap Dance, Seashore,

3. To save, press


4.3 DTMF Length

To select the sent DTMF tone length for when you press digit keys in the
calling state:

1. Press


2. Press



3. Select the desired option:

- Normal: Send DTMF in 150msec

- Long: Send DTMF when digit key is released. (Max. 2 secs.)

4. To save, press