Handling the battery – UTStarcom Handset User Manual

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Safety Precautions


Handling the Battery


Do not dispose of the battery pack in a fire. It may
explode. Check with local waste management codes for
disposal instructions.

Do not force the battery pack into the phone. Improper
installation can cause malfunctions or damage the
battery pack. This may result in fire or personal injury.

Use caution in handling batteries in order not to short the
battery on conductive materials such as rings, bracelets,
and keys. The battery and/or conductor may overheat
and cause burns.

If the battery becomes too hot while recharging, it should
be removed immediately from the charger.

When clothes or skin are exposed to battery leakage,
rinse with clean water at once to prevent skin irritation.

Do not use a cracked, leaking or odor-emitting battery
pack near an open flame or high temperatures.


If a fully discharged battery is stored for a long period of
time, it may not be possible to recharge the battery.

Observe local waste management codes for proper
battery disposal instructions.