Orld, 5 world time – UTStarcom Handset User Manual

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1. Press




2. Select the desired memo, then press


3. “Delete current memo?” will appear. Press

[Yes] to delete it.

7.5 World Time

To display the current time of select cities worldwide:

1. Press




2. Press


to select the city:

Honolulu, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Mexico City,
Toronto, New York, Sao Paulo, London, Paris, Athens, Bucharest,
Nairobi, Moscow, New Delhi, Jakarta, Bangkok, Beijing, Hong Kong,
Seoul, Tokyo, Sydney

Dual Time Display

When selected, Dual Time will replace the greeting text on your phone. The
selected city’s name and time will scroll across your display from right to left.

1. Press



2. To display the selected city & time on the standby

screen, press


3. “Display Dual Time” will appear. Press

[Yes] to



Note: If the phone is in analog mode or out of the service area when
powered up, the world time will not work properly.