Sing the, Attery, 1 installing the battery – UTStarcom Handset User Manual

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Getting Started


Unread text and voice message

Battery charging level – the more blocks, the stronger the

1.5 Using the Battery

1.5.1 Installing the Battery

As illustrated below, place the metal locators of the battery into the holes
located in the bottom of the unit.

1. Remove the battery cover from the phone by pressing the latch release

button and sliding the cover off the phone.

2. Place the battery onto the phone, bottom first so the tabs go into the

bottom of the phone and the metal connectors align. Then push the
battery down until it locks into place. Place the battery cover over the
battery and slide into place.


Note: If the battery is not correctly placed in the compartment, the
phone will not turn on and/or the battery may detach during use.