2 listening, Oice – UTStarcom Handset User Manual

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6.1.2 Listening

To listen to the recording of a call.

1. Press



2. Press



3. Select the desired voice memo and press

[Listen] to listen.

6.2 Voice Memo

To play recorded voice memos and record new voice memos:

1. Press




2. To record a voice memo, select “Empty” and


[Record]. “Please begin recording

after the prompt tone” will be displayed and you
will hear “Please record at the tone”.

3. Begin recording your voice memo. When

done, press


4. To listen to a voice memo, select the voice

memo and press

[Listen]. To delete all

your voice memos, press


You can also record a message (by holding

) either in idle mode

or during a call.


Note: The sum of all voice memo, answering machine, and
answering machine greeting recordings is limited to a total of four