Ettings, 1 receive alert, 2 alert remind – UTStarcom Handset User Manual

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12.6 Settings

To customize the messaging features:


12.6.1 Receive Alert

1. Press


- Bell: Use beep and lamp

- Vibrate: Use vibrator and lamp

- Lamp Only: Use lamp only

2. Select the receive alert method then press

to confirm.

12.6.2 Alert Remind

If you have not read new incoming messages, the phone will alert using
the selected option.

1. Press




- One Time

- Every 2 Min: Alert every 2 minutes

2. Select the alert reminder method then press

to confirm.

12.6.3 Memory Full

If your phone memory is full, you might not be able to receive messages.
The phone can be programmed to automatically delete the oldest
message or warn you a message cannot be received because the memory
is almost full.