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Basic Operations



2.1 Turning the Phone On/Off

To turn the phone on/off, press and hold

for approximately 3 seconds.

2.2 Making a Call

1. In idle mode, enter the phone number with the area code. (A maximum

of 32 digits can be displayed.)

2. To make a call, press



To correct a number:

To clear the last digit, press


To erase all the digits entered, press and hold



If the call fails to go through:


twice to redial the number.

2.3 Ending a Call

If you wish to cancel or disconnect a call, press

or close the flip.

2.4 Last Number Redial

1. To display the outgoing call list, press


2. Highlight an entry then press


2.5 Speed Dialing

If you know the speed dial location of the telephone number that you want
to call, enter the one, two or three digits of your phonebook address and
hold down the last digit. (1 to 9, 10 to 99 or 100 to 500)


Note: If two telephone numbers are stored in the address, the
Primary Number will be dialed.