Roup, Istory, 1 outgoing calls – UTStarcom Handset User Manual

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11.3 Edit Group

To add, edit or remove a phonebook group:

1. Press



2. To add a new group, scroll to [Empty] and press

[Select]. To edit

a group name, scroll to the group and press

[Select]. Then input a

group name. Press

[OK] to confirm, and then select a group ringer.

3. Press


11.4 Call History

1. To access your Call History, press



2. Scroll through the Call History menu options by




3. To call an entry in the list, highlight it then press


Shortcut – From idle mode, press

to access the

Call History list.

11.4.1 Outgoing Calls

Displays information of the 20 most recently dialed calls.

1. To see a list of the 20 most recently dialed numbers, press


. If the number is already stored in your Phonebook,

only the name appears. If the number is not stored, only the phone
number appears.