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Basic Operations


2.6 Emergency Call

This feature allows you to place an emergency call even if your phone is in
“Phone Lock” or “Restrict” mode when you dial the preprogrammed
emergency number, 911, #911, or *911. It also operates in out-of-service

The phone maintains the emergency mode until you press


disconnecting an emergency call. In emergency call mode, the phone can
receive an incoming call from any available system.

To call “911” in “Phone Lock” or “Restrict” mode:

1. Enter




2. Press


“911” and “Emergency” will appear on the screen.

2.7 Answering a Call

When you receive an incoming call, the screen will display the name or
telephone number of the caller, if you have subscribed to a Caller ID

The caller's name will be displayed only when his/her telephone number
and name are stored in the Phonebook.

If you wish to answer a call, simply press the


2.8 Caller ID with Name

This feature allows you to preview in your display the number and name of
the party calling you before you answer the call. The name appears as you
programmed it into the phonebook.


Note: When Caller ID is restricted or not available, “Restricted
Number” or “Unavailable Number” appears on the display.

2.9 Adjusting the Earpiece Volume

To adjust the earpiece volume during a call, use the volume key located on
the side of the phone.