Aller, Ntry, 4 caller info – UTStarcom Handset User Manual

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8.4 Caller Info

This function notifies you of who is calling by displaying the caller’s phone
number. If the caller’s name and number are already stored in your
phonebook, the name and number from the memory location will appear.

1. Press




2. Enter the lock code [****].

3. Select On/Off for Caller Phone and Caller Name:

Caller Phone: Restricts the phone number of the caller from appearing.

Caller Name: Restricts the name of the caller, including phonebook
referencing from appearing.

4. Press

[Save] to save it.

8.5 Entry Mode

The Entry Mode incorporates a built-in-dictionary to
determine a word based on the entered characters. A
word can be entered more quickly by pressing a key
once per character. To select an Entry Mode:

1. Press




Select the Entry Mode for your default text input mode:

- Abc

- 123

- T9

2. Press

[Select] to save it.