Unpacking, Correct use, Commissioning – IKA RO 15 User Manual

Page 11: Safe temperature limit, Setting the safe temperature limit, Stirring function, Warning

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- Please unpack the device carefully
- In the case of any damage a detailed report
must be set immediately (post, rail or forwar-

• Delivery scope


- Magnetic stirrer

- Heating magnetic-

RO5/10 or 15

stirrer RT5/10 or 15

- power supply unit

- mains cable

- operating instruction

- operating instruction

Correct use

• Use
- For mixing and / or haeting liquids

• Range of use (inside only)
- Laboratories

- Schools

- Pharmacies

- Universities

The device is suitable for use in all areas except:

- Residential areas
- Areas that are connected directly to a low-voltage supply net-
work that also supplies residential areas.

The safety of the user cannot be guaranteed if the appliance is
operated with accessories that are not supplied or recommended
by the manufacturer or if the appliance is opreated improperly
contrary to the manufacturer‘s specifications or if the appliance or
the printed circuit board are modified parties.

After the device is switched on a display self-test is performed.

The display cycles through the following information:

• All segments light up

• The software version and the selected mode are displayed

• The selected “Eco Mode” is displayed

(E when ECO mode is active)

• If the drive has not been started the display reads „OFF“. If

the drive has been started the selected speed is displayed.



Observe the ambient conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.)

listed under Technical Data.

The device is switched on and off via the switch (A) located on

the right-hand side of the device. On the front panel a small

arrow labelled Power above the display (B) indicates the location

of the switch.

Safe temperature limit


The max. attainable heating plate temperature is restricted to

130°C by a permanently set safety temperature limit. Once this

limit has been attained, the device switches off the heating.

The safe temperature limit must all-

ways be set at least 25 °C lower then

the flash point of the media to be


Setting the safe temperature limit


The safety temperature is set as follows:

Switch the device on using the On/Off switch

on the right side of the device.

As soon as the display shows SAFE, press and

hold down the Temp membrane key and use

the +/- membrane keys (H or I) to set the

desired safety temperature.

The set safety temperature is displayed.

Once the Temp membrane key is released, the safety temperature
is saved.


The stirring function is started and stopped by pressing the „Start/

Stop“ button (C).

Pressing the +/- buttons (E or D) increases or reduces the speed.

Stirring function


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