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Page 12: Maintenance and cleaning

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Pressing the +/- buttons (H or I) increases or reduces the



The heating function is started and stopped by pressing the

„Temp“ button (J).

Function Heating

ECO mode


The heat generated in the device can be reduced by lowering the

power of the input coils.

Pressing the „ECO Mode“ (F) key reduces the current power

setting. ECO mode is indicated by an “E” preceding the speed.

When the power is set to ECO mode, the speed is limited to

600 rpm.


The (G) key activates the “Reverse Rotation” function.

When the „Reverse Rotation“ function is switched on, a decimal

point (K) appears in the LCD display.

The running time (30, 60, 90 or 120sec) is set by pressing the (G)

key followed by the +/- keys.

After the preset running time, the drive is switched off and

restarted at minimum speed in the opposite direction after a

pause specific to the speed.

In this way the magnetic rod is captured and any liquid still

rotating is gradually slowed down. Then the drive accelerates to

the target speed.

Note: If the “Reverse Rotation” key (G) is pressed again, the drive

will keep rotating in the same direction.

When the device is started up again, the drive will rotate in the

direction last set.

Direction of rotation reversal


To toggle between modes, press the Start/Stop key (C) when

switching on.

Operating Mode “A”

All the parameter settings are retained when the device is

switched off or disconnected from the mains.

The “Start/Stop” (C) key starts the device with the set parameters.

Operating Mode “B“

All parameter settings, including “Start/Stop”, are saved when the

device is switched off.

Factory setting: mode A

Operating modes

The equipment is maintenance-free. It is only subject to the natu-
ral wear and tear of components and their statistical failure rate.

For cleaning disconnect the main plug..

Use only cleansing agents which have been approved by IKA to

clean devices.

Use to remove:

Isopropyl alcohol

Construction materials water containing ten side / isopropyl alcohol

water containing ten side / isopropyl alcohol


water containing tenside


water containing tenside

- Do not allow moisture to get into the appliance when cleaning.
- Wear protective gloves when cleaning the devices.
- Please consult with IKA before using any cleaning or deconta

mination methods, other than those recommended here.

Maintenance and cleaning

Ordering spare parts
When ordering spare parts, please give:
- Device type
- Manufacturing number, see type plate
- Software version
- Item number and designation of the spare part,
The device must be clean and free from any materials which may
constitude a health hazard when sent for repair.
Use the „certificate of compliance“ included or download the
form from the IKA



Please return the appliance in its original packaging. Storage
packaging is not sufficient for returns. Please also use suitable
packaging for transportation.


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