Kinze 3500 Lift and Rotate Planter Rev. 7/14 User Manual

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Model 3500




Lubrication and Maintenance


Replace hopper lids after hoppers are filled to
prevent accumulation of dust or dirt in seed
meter which will cause premature wear.

Cleaning brush-type seed meter for storage:

1. Remove meter from seed hopper by removing

two thumbscrews securing meter to hopper.

2. Remove seed disc and wash with soap and

water and dry thoroughly.

3. Remove upper brush by removing three hex

head screws from brush retainer and removing
brush retainer and upper brush.

4. Remove three hex head screws from lower

brush and remove lower brush and stainless
steel wear band.

5. Wash all parts and meter housing with soap

and water and dry thoroughly.

6. Inspect all parts and replace worn parts.
7. Reassemble meter except for seed disc. Store

Meter in a dry, rodent-free space with seed
disc removed.

Seed Disc Wear

Most seed disc wear is found in the agitation groove
area (area between seed loading slots). Wear
affects planting accuracy at high RPM. Lay a straight
edge across disc surface at agitation groove area
and measure gap between disc and straight edge. If
agitation groove areas are worn in excess of .030"
and accuracy starts to drop off at higher meter RPM,
replace seed disc.

Estimated seed disc life expectancy under normal
operating conditions is approximately 200 acres per
row. Severe operating conditions such as dust, lack
of lubrication or abrasive seed coating could reduce
seed disc life expectancy to under 100 acres per row.


Use clean, high quality seed. Damaged or cracked

seed, hulls, or foreign materials can become lodged

in upper brush and greatly reduce meter accuracy.

Remove seed disc daily and check for buildup of

foreign material on seed disc, particularly in seed

loading slots. Clean disc by washing it with soap and

water. Check for cracked seed, hulls, etc. lodged

between brush retainer and stainless steel wear

band which can greatly reduce accuracy of the

meter because upper brush will not be able to retain

seed in seed disc pocket. Thoroughly clean brush
areas of meter housing.

Upper brush area where foreign materials may

become lodged and reduce meter accuracy.

Seed disc

Stainless Steel
Wear Band

Upper brush


groove area

(Shaded area)-

where most



Seed loading slots

Seed pocket

Meter housing

Lower brush

Upper brush