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Model 3500




Machine Operation


Chain idlers use wrap spring wrenches to release and adjust transmission chain tension.

NOTE: Wrap spring wrenches are L.H. and R.H. specific. L.H. styles have silver metal or grey

plastic release collars. R.H. styles have gold metal or blue plastic release collars.

Rotate wrap spring wrench knurled collar while rotating chain idler away from chain to release chain tension.

Rotate chain idler into chain while rotating handle to tension idler spring.

Release chain tension

Increase chain tension


NOTE: 15 tooth, 19 tooth or 30 tooth drive sprockets at each contact drive wheel can be
interchanged from sprocket storage rod bolted to each transmission. 30 tooth sprockets require
use of 124 pitch chains instead of standard 116 pitch No. 40 chains.

Chain tension is controlled by a spring-loaded sprocket idler. Amount of spring tension on chain is controlled by idler

arm. Planting rate chart in Rate Chart section will aid you in selecting correct sprocket.

NOTE: 15, 19, and 30 tooth drive sprockets are NOT applicable to all rate charts. 23 tooth driven

sprocket at reverser plate is changed to a 17 tooth sprocket when using 60 cell soybean seed disc.
Check chart titles to ensure proper rate chart is selected.

NOTE: Make a field check after each sprocket combination adjustment to be sure you are planting
at desired rate.

Contact wheel drive sprocket