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Model 3500




Machine Operation

Two flow control valves determine amount of oil flow restriction controlling row marker travel speeds. One flow control
valve controls lowering speed and one controls raising speed of both markers.

NOTE 1: Hydraulics operate slowly when oil is cold. Make all adjustments with oil warm.

NOTE 2: On a tractor where oil flow cannot be controlled, tractor flow rate may be greater than
rate marker cylinder can accept. Hold tractor hydraulic control lever until cylinder reaches end of
its stroke. This occurs most often on tractors with an open center hydraulic system.

NOTE 3: On tractors with a closed center hydraulic system, set hydraulic flow control so detent
functions properly.

1. Loosen jam nut and turn control clockwise (IN) to slow speed or counterclockwise (OUT) to increase speed.

2. Tighten jam nut after adjustments are made.


Marker lower flow control

Marker raise flow control

Row marker flow control valves


Excessive row marker travel speed can damage row markers.
Adjust flow controls before row markers are first used.

Even-row push row unit

An Even-Row Push Row Unit Package is available to add one
additional push row unit on outer L.H. side of front toolbar for use with
Solid Row Interplant Package.

NOTE: See ‘‘Row Marker Adjustment’’ for determining correct
length to set row marker assemblies when planting with even-
row push row unit option.

An inner hitch with a 7½" offset mount is available from Kinze through
your Kinze Dealer to plant two 15" rows between last year’s 30" rows
and avoid tire damage from stalks by driving off row

NOTE: install hitch onto 2-point hitch bar using R.H. hole If
2-Point Hitch Option is used. A 7½" offset mount is not needed.
See “Offset Hitch Adjustment” for additional information.