Hd single disc fertilizer opener, Hd single disc fertilizer opener -4 – Kinze 3500 Lift and Rotate Planter Rev. 7/14 User Manual

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Model 3500


Rev. 6/11



Adjust spring loaded dry fertilizer drop tube/scraper periodically to
maintain ⅛" gap between drop tube and opener blade. If this dimension
is not maintained fertilizer may not drop in proper location.

Loosen scraper adjustment bolt. Slotted hole in scraper allows up or
down adjustment.


Recommended placement of fertilizer with HD single disc fertilizer opener is 3½" - 4" from row.


Never place fertilizer closer than 2" to row or seeds may be damaged.

Maximum blade depth is approximately 5" with planter frame level and at 20" operating height. Soil conditions can
affect depth slightly.

Raise planter to remove weight from fertilizer opener. Loosen inside adjustment nut with 1⅛" wrench. Turn outside
nut clockwise to decrease or counterclockwise to increase blade depth. One full turn of blade depth adjustment nut
changes blade depth ⅜". Tighten inside nut tight against block. Adjust all fertilizer openers to same depth.

Spring preset nut

R.H. configuration shown (Overhead view)


Outside blade depth
adjustment nut.

Inside blade depth
adjustment nut.


HD single disc opener

Spring Preset


Down Pressure

11" (27.9 cm)

250 lb (113.4 kg)

10¾" (27.3 cm)

320 lb (145.1 kg)

*10½" (26.7 cm)

370 lb (167.8 kg)

10¼" (26 cm)

450 lb (204.1 kg)

10" (25.4 cm)

520 lb (235.8 kg)

9¾" (24.8 cm)

580 lb (263.1 kg)

9½" (24.1 cm)

640 lb (290.3 kg)

*Initial setting

NOTE: DO NOT adjust spring preset dimension less than 9½".

NOTE: Excessive down pressure can cause planter frame up-lift
and affect machine performance. Planter frame should be 20"
from ground in planting position. Excessive down pressure in
loose soil conditions can cause openers to run too deep and
push dirt ahead of opener and may stop soil press wheel and
opener blade from turning.

Raise planter to remove weight from fertilizer opener. Turn spring
preset nut clockwise to increase and counterclockwise to decrease
down pressure. Adjust all rows to a similar setting. Minimal spring
pressure for acceptable operation is recommended. See chart for
spring length setting specifications.

Fertilizer opener down pressure can be adjusted from 250 lb (113.4 kg) to 640 lb (290.3 kg).


Do not operate HD single disc fertilizer openers at full down pressure
tension on rocky ground or disc blades will chip.


" gap