Initial preparation, Tractor requirements, Initial preparation -1 – Kinze 3500 Lift and Rotate Planter Rev. 7/14 User Manual

Page 13: Tractor requirements -1

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Model 3500




Machine Operation


1. Torque transport wheel 9∕16"- 18 lug bolts to 90 ft-lb (122 N-m).

2. Inflate transport/ground drive tires to 40 psi (275.7 kPa).

3. Inflate contact drive tires to 50 psi (344.7 kPa).

Following information is general in nature to aid in preparation of tractor and planter for use, and to provide general

operating procedures. Operator experience, familiarity with the machine, and the following information should combine

for efficient planter operation and good working habits.


Improperly operating or working on this equipment could result in
death or serious injury. Read and follow all instructions in Operator
Manual before operating or working on this equipment.


Loose transport wheel lug bolts can result in wheel separation
from planter and cause death, serious injury, and damage to
property and equipment. Torque transport wheel 9∕16"- 18 lug bolts
to 90 ft-lb (122 N-m) before operating planter for the first time and
periodically after.


Explosive separation of rim and tire parts can cause death or serious
injury. Overinflation, rim and tire servicing, improper use of rims and tires,
worn, or improperly maintained tires could result in a tire explosion.

Contact drive

Transport/ground drive


Consult your dealer for information on horsepower requirements and tractor compatibility. Requirements vary with
planter options, tillage, and terrain.

A 12 volt DC electrical system is required to operate planter safety/warning lights, digital vacuum gauge, and optional
pneumatic down pressure system or work lights.

Two dual remote hydraulic outlets (SCV) are required on all models. An additional SCV and zero pressure case drain,
or PTO pump is required for EdgeVac equipped planters.

Hydraulic maximum flow rate of 13 GPM @ 2000 PSI is required to operate Edgevac vacuum fan motor.