Kinze 3500 Lift and Rotate Planter Rev. 7/14 User Manual

Page 49

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Model 3500


Rev. 8/11


Row Unit Operation


1. Requires use of seed meter baffle.
2. Requires use of cleanout brush.
3. Requires use of cleanout brush w/ball-type ejector.
4. Flat seeds may require higher vacuum level.
5. Larger seeds may require lower singulator brush setting. Smaller seeds may require higher setting.

NOTE: See “EdgeVac General Planting Rate Information” and “Check Seed Population” pages for more information.
Always field check seed population to ensure planting rates are correct.

NOTE: Singulator brush settings are marked from 1 thru 11. Lower singulator brush settings are least aggressive.
Higher singulator brush settings are most aggressive.

NOTE: Mixing seed sizes and shapes affects meter performance. Use consistent seed size and shape.

NOTE: Use 1 tablespoon powdered graphite with each hopper fill of seed. Seed treatment, foreign material, dirt or
seed chaff may cause gradual reduction of seed disc fill (population). See “Additives” pages for more information.

NOTE: Excessive seed treatment, humidity, and light-weight seed can affect meter performance. Use ½ cup of
talc with each hopper fill of seed and mix thoroughly to coat all seeds and adjust rates as needed. Use of talc
aids seed flow into meter, singulation, and disc seed drop.


Foam spacer


Air inlet

Hose barb

NOTE: Foreign material in seed disc orifices, such as seed chips, hulls, stems, etc., may affect seed delivery.
Clean seed ensures accurate seed metering from vacuum seed meter. Remove Seed discs daily to check for
buildup of foreign material in seed disc orifices.

Crowder brush aids in singulation of small flat seeds by crowding seeds to outer perimeter of seed disc and orienting
seeds to allow singulator brush to be more effective.

Air inlet screens allow air to enter system and aids in keeping field residue or other foreign material out of meter.

Foam spacer gently preloads seed disc against vacuum cover when no vacuum is present.


" hose barb elbow on seed meter vacuum cover allows measurement of vacuum level at each meter. A customer-

supplied vacuum gauge is required.

See “EdgeVac Seed Meter Maintenance” and “Preparation For Storage” in Lubrication and Maintenance section for more