Kinze 3500 Lift and Rotate Planter Rev. 7/14 User Manual

Page 67

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Model 3500


Rev. 6/11




Dry fertilizer hoppers tip forward for dumping and ease of cleaning. Disconnect drive shaft from transmission and/or
adjacent hopper. LOOSEN HOSE CLAMPS AND REMOVE HOSES FROM EACH HOPPER. Remove rear ½" x 1¼"
cap screw from between each hopper saddle and hopper mount. Rotate each hopper lid to back side of hopper and
carefully tip hopper forward. Flush all loose fertilizer from hoppers and hoses after dumping contents.
At end of planting season or when fertilizer attachment is not used for a period of time, hoppers should be
disassembled, cleaned, and metal surfaces coated with a rust preventative. Remove ¼" cotter pin and bearing from
one end of shaft. Pull auger assembly from opposite end of hopper. Remove stainless steel cap screws from auger
shaft and remove all auger components for cleaning. Coat all parts with rust preventative before reassembly. Reinstall
auger halves in low or high rate position.

Disconnect drive shaft and hoses

Rotate lid to back and rotate hopper forward

NOTE: Install auger assembly so the flighting moves material to outer openings in hopper when
augers rotate in direction they turn during operation.

Slide auger assembly through outlet housing into hopper. Secure in place by reinstalling bearing and cotter pin.
Rotating shaft in direction shown to see if flighting (spirals) on auger move toward ends of hopper. If not, remove auger
assembly, turn 180°, and reinstall.

NOTE: Frequent lubrication of auger bearings is critical to ensure augers turn freely. Check
lubrication section for frequency.

Be certain augers turn freely. If not, loosen 5∕16" carriage bolts in outlet housings, rotate auger several times, and
retighten carriage bolts. This allows housings and augers to realign.

NOTE: Do not operate fertilizer attachment without auger baffles in place.

Install auger baffles over augers and secure in place with two hair pin clips in each hopper.

Transmission direction of rotation

Auger installation

Flighting must move
chemicals from center
to outside of hopper.