Kinze 3500 Lift and Rotate Planter Rev. 7/14 User Manual

Page 122

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Model 3500




Lubrication and Maintenance


Planter center section consists of a steel tubular frame and 16 adjustable wear pad assemblies that travel up and
down against a stainless steel clad center post. Each adjustable wear pad assembly consists of a poly wear pad,
threaded adjustment plug, and cap. Assembly is held in place by the threaded adjustment plug and locked in place by
the cap and two ½" hex head cap screws.

Check pad adjustment and wear annually on all wear pad assemblies.

1. Support frame with appropriate weight-rated safety stands at a comfortable working height with all row units off

2. Level planter frame side to side and front to rear. with planter axle.

3. Remove two ½" hex head cap screws and cap. Reinstall hex head cap screws into adjustment pad and remove
threaded adjustment plug and poly wear pad using hex head cap screws as a handle.

4. Replace poly wear pad if worn to less than ⅛".


Over tightening wear pads will cause premature wear and could
damage hydraulic system. Do not over tighten wear pads.

5. Apply anti-seize lubricant to threads of adjustment plug ONLY. Hand tighten poly wear pad and adjustment plug

until poly wear pad lightly contacts stainless steel clad center post. Maximum allowable gap is no more than .060".

6. Install cap with two ½" cap screws. Torque cap screws to 25-30 ft-lb (33.9 - 40.6 N-m).

Threaded adjustment plug
(Apply anti-seize lubricant to
threads on adjustment plug)


Poly wear pad

½" hex head cap screw

Replace if less than ⅛".