7 troubleshooting seed meter (edgevac) - continued – Kinze 3600 Lift and Rotate Planter (70 CM) Rev. 5/14 User Manual

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Not planting seed. (Continued)

Seed baffle (If Applicable) not allowing seed flow due to bridging of seed. Thoroughly mix talc to coat all seeds.

Remove seed baffle. See “Seed Meter” in Seed Meter Operation/
Maintenance section.

60 cell soybean disc not filling properly due to excessive RPM.

Replace with 120 cell soybean disc.

High seed count.

Wrong transmission setting.

Change transmission to desired rate.

High vacuum.

Adjust vacuum level to appropriate level.

Wrong seed disc.

Replace seed disc.

Singulator brush setting not aggressive enough.

Adjust singulator brush.

Worn singulator brush.

Inspect brush and replace as required.

Seed leaking past wall brush.

Inspect wall brush condition and installation. Replace as necessary.

Faulty vacuum gauge.

Check gauge line for dirt/obstruction.
Repair/replace vacuum gauge.

Poor seed spacing.

Obstruction in seed tube.

Clean seed tube.

Dirty/damaged seed disc.

Inspect seed disc for damage, foreign material in orifices or seed
treatment buildup in recesses. Clean or replace.

Wrong vacuum setting.

Adjust vacuum to appropriate level.

Excess foreign material in seed.

Inspect and clean meter and seed discs.
Use clean, undamaged seed.

Incorrect singulator brush setting.

Adjust singulator brush to appropriate setting.

Inconsistent driveline.

Inspect drive components for rust, misalignment, worn or damaged
Replace/repair as required.

Toolbar not level or wrong height.

Adjust hitch to level toolbar and row units.

Planting too fast for conditions.

Reduce speed.

Rough field conditions.

Reduce speed.

Irregular seed population.

Driving too fast.

Reduce speed.

Drive wheels slipping.

Reduce speed. Decrease row unit down pressure spring settings.

Unable to achieve desired vacuum

Tractor hydraulic flow set too low.

Increase flow to fan motor.

Incorrect hydraulic connections.

Check all hydraulic connections and hose routings.

Damaged fan components.

Inspect motor and impeller for wear/damage and repair/replace as

Vacuum hose pinched/kinked/blocked.

Inspect air lines for any damage or obstruction. Clean air lines and
manifold by removing end cap from manifold and running fan at high

Vacuum hose loose/disconnected.

Inspect and reattach all air hoses.

Tractor not producing required hydraulic flow/pressure.

Have tractor serviced by qualified technician.

Dirt in vacuum gauge line.

Check gauge line for dirt/obstruction and clean.