Hydraulic/electric operation, Hydraulic/electric operation -16 – Kinze 3600 Lift and Rotate Planter (70 CM) Rev. 5/14 User Manual

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Model 3600




Machine Operation

Control console switches and tractor’s hydraulic system are used to raise planter to transport position, operate rotate
and tongue extension functions, lock and release planter wings, and raise and lower row markers.

NOTE: Turn console backlighting OFF during extended periods of non-use using push button switch on back
of console.


Single point row clutch control box

Model 3600 planters operate from three dual remote (SCV) hydraulic outlets and tractor mounted control console. One

SCV and a control console switch operate raise to transport function. A second SCV and control console switches

operate row markers and fold/unfold functions. A third SCV operates vacuum fan motor circuit.

Marker and point row selector switches are an ON-OFF-ON type. If planter is equipped with optional Two-Speed Point

Row Clutch Package, point row switch and reduced rate switch operate independently from rest of control console.

Power to marker switch is fed through auxiliary switch and two transport function switches. Operating any lower row

switch disables markers and turns off marker indicator light.

Raise/wing lock and rotate/tongue (fold function) switches are MOMENTARY ON-OFF-MOMENTARY ON type and must

be held in position while operating tractor hydraulic SCV control. Activating a fold function switch disables marker circuit.


Marker selector switch must be OFF (center position) when not in
use to prevent accidental extension which could result in death or
serious injury, or damage to property and equipment. An indicator
light on control box panel is ON whenever marker circuits or point
row clutch circuits are energized.

Auxiliary switch is an ON-OFF type switch used with hydraulic marker/folding functions SCV control to operate optional

attachments. Auxiliary switch must be OFF to enable other functions.

NOTE: Activating auxiliary switch disables all other control console switches except point row clutch switch.

NOTE: Lift cylinders are (port type) rephasing cylinders. Cylinders must fully retract before they rephase in
lowered position. Cylinder stops can not be used.

A third SCV operates the EdgeVac seed metering system vacuum fan. See “Digital Vacuum Gauge Operation”.

Two-speed point row clutch control box