Point row clutches, Point row clutches -30 – Kinze 3600 Lift and Rotate Planter (70 CM) Rev. 5/14 User Manual

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Model 3600




Machine Operation



Switch must be OFF when planter is not in use or tractor battery
will be drained.

NOTE: Liquid fertilizer piston pump has its own drive wheel and is not affected by point row clutch.

Clutch consists of a wrap spring riding on an input and output hub. Wrap spring is wrapped tightly over hubs during
operation locking them together. Higher speeds create a tighter grip of spring on hubs.

Input end of spring is bent outward and is called the control tang. Control tang fits into a slot in stop collar located
between input and output hubs over wrap spring. If stop collar is allowed to rotate with input hub, clutch is engaged. If
stop collar is stopped from rotating, control tang connected to it is forced back and spring opens. This allows input hub
to continue rotating without transmitting torque to output hub, stopping planter drive.

Stop collar is controlled by an electric solenoid and an actuator arm. When selector switch on tractor control box is
OFF, solenoid coil is NOT ENERGIZED and actuator arm will not contact stop on stop collar, allowing it to rotate with
hubs and drive planter.

When operational switch is in “DISENGAGE” (right or left) solenoid coil IS ENERGIZED and plunger in solenoid coil
pulls actuator arm against stop on stop collar, disengaging wrap spring and stopping planter drive.

Stop collar

Output hub

Wrap spring

Input hub

Control tang

Point row
clutch switch

R.H. point row clutch
switch 10 amp time
delay fuse

L.H. point row clutch switch
10 amp time delay fuse

Point row clutch

Single point row clutch control box