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Model 3600


Rev. 7/13


Machine Operation

There are two down pressure springs on each contact drive wheel. Spring tension is factory set to approximately 200 lb
(90.7 kg) of down force at tire contact point and should require no further adjustment.

NOTE: Measurement must be taken in planting position with proper tire pressure.

Spring length measurement (Factory setting)


Contact drive springs

Contact wheel drive works the same for mechanical or EdgeVac planters except for sprocket size. Chain tension

is controlled by a spring-loaded sprocket idler. Planting rate charts in “Rate Chart” section help you select correct


NOTE: Make a field test after each sprocket combination change to be sure you are planting at desired rate.


22 tooth, 28 tooth or 44 tooth sprockets at each contact drive wheel can be exchanged with sprockets on storage rod
bolted to wheel module on each side of planter chains.

NOTE: 22, 28 and 44 tooth drive sprockets do NOT apply to all rate charts. Check chart titles to make sure
proper rate chart is selected. DO NOT USE 44 tooth drive sprockets (60 cell soybean discs) with Dry Fertilizer
Package or Liquid Fertilizer Squeeze Pump Package.

Seed planting rate charts are based on standard rate drive. Standard rate drive uses a 30 tooth sprocket and No. 40 118
pitch chain on each contact wheel.

Optional half-rate (2 to 1) drive is recommended only when population falls below planting rate charts. Replace 30
tooth sprocket on each contact wheel with a 15 tooth sprocket and shorter No. 40 110 pitch chain. This reduces
planter transmission speed and planting and application rates by approximately 50%.


Contact wheel drive

Optional half-rate drive sprocket

20 cm

Sprocket idler

Contact drive wheel sprocket