Tractor preparation and hookup, Tractor preparation and hookup -5 – Kinze 3600 Lift and Rotate Planter (70 CM) Rev. 5/14 User Manual

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Model 3600




Machine Operation


1. Adjust tractor drawbar 33-43 centimeters above ground with hitch pin hole directly below PTO shaft center line.

Make sure drawbar is in a stationary position.

2. Install control console on tractor in a convenient location within easy reach of operator and close to hydraulic

controls. Mount control console securely and route power cord to power source.Control console operates on
12 volt DC only. If two 12 volt batteries are connected in series, ALWAYS make power connection on battery
grounded to tractor chassis.

If two 6 volt batteries are connected in series, make sure power connection provides 12 volt DC across positive

terminal on one battery and negative terminal of second battery.

3. Back tractor to planter and connect with 1¼" - 1½" diameter hitch pin. If tractor is not equipped with a hitch pin

locking device, make sure hitch pin is secured with a locking pin or cotter pin.

Planter/safety chain hookup to tractor

Optional 2-point hitch

NOTE: DO NOT install safety chain using clevis mounting hardware. Safety chain MUST be installed

4. Safety chain must be used to keep planter and tractor connected in case of a hitch pin/drawbar failure. Attach

safety chain at an unused clevis mounting hole on the planter hitch. Torque hardware to 840 ft-lb (1138.8 N-m).

NOTE: A 2-Point Hitch Option converts planter from drawn to semi-mounted and is available for use with
Category 3N or 3 three-point hitch designs. Safety chain is not used with 2-point hitch.


Pressurized hydraulic fluid can penetrate body tissue and result in
death, serious infection, or other injuries. Fluid injected under skin
must be IMMEDIATELY removed by a surgeon familiar with this
type of injury. Make sure connections are tight and hoses and
fittings are not damaged before applying system pressure. Leaks
can be invisible. Keep away from suspected leaks. Relieve pressure
before connecting or disconnecting tractor, searching for leaks, or
performing any system maintenance.


Wipe hose ends to remove any dirt before connecting couplers to
tractor ports or contamination may cause equipment failure.