Determining pounds per hectare (brush-type meter) – Kinze 3600 Lift and Rotate Planter (70 CM) Rev. 5/14 User Manual

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Model 3600


Rev. 7/13


Machine Operation

3. Measure 1∕1000 of an hectare. See chart for correct distance for row width being planted. For example, if planting

76 cm rows 1∕1000 of an hectare would be 13.12 meters.

NOTE: Seeds may bounce or roll when planting with closing wheels raised and planting depth set shallow
affecting seed spacing accuracy.

4. Count seeds in measured distance.

5. Multiply number of seeds placed in 1∕1000 of an hectare by 1000. This gives total population.

Seed count can be affected by drive wheel and seed meter drive ratio, tire pressure, and/or seed meter malfunction.

1. If seed check shows average distance between seeds in centimeters is significantly different than seed rate chart

indicates, first check drive ratio between drive wheel and seed meter. Check drive wheel air pressure, check for

incorrect sprocket(s) in driveline and check drive and driven sprockets on transmission(s) for proper selection.

2. Check for seed meter malfunction. For example, if spacing between kernels of corn at the transmission setting

being used is 20 cm and a gap of 40 cm is observed, a finger has lost its seed and not functioned properly. If two

seeds are found within a short distance of each other, finger has metered two seeds instead of one.

3. See “Seed Meter (Finger Pickup) Troubleshooting” or “Seed Meter (Brush-Type) Troubleshooting” in

Troubleshooting Section of this manual.


Seeds per hectare ÷ Seeds per kilogram (from label) = Kilograms per hectare

If seeds per kilogram information is not available use the following averages:
5,720 seeds per kilogram for medium size soybeans
33,000 seeds per kilogram for medium size milo/grain sorghum
9,900 seeds per kilogram for medium size cotton

If seed population check shows planting rate is significantly different than seed rate chart shows or if a particular
meter is not planting accurately, see “Brush-Type Seed Meter Maintenance” and “Seed Meter (Brush-Type)

EXAMPLE: 70 cm row spacing 14.28 meters equals


26 seeds counted x 1000 = 26,000 seeds per acre



Hectare Seed Population Count Row Width/Distance

Row Width

38 cm

46 cm

48 cm

70 cm

91 cm

97 cm


6.56 m

5.46 m

5.18 m

14.28 m

10.93 m

10.36 m