Kinze 3600 Lift and Rotate Planter (70 CM) Rev. 5/14 User Manual

Page 33

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Model 3600


Rev. 7/13


Machine Operation

5. Hold control console “RAISE/WING LOCK” switch in

RAISE” and operate hydraulic control until two center lift

cylinders are fully extended and safety hook at top of center
section rotates into locking position.

6. Lower planter onto safety hook using hydraulic control.

Center section safety hook


Uncontrolled movement of equipment can cause loss of control
and could result in death, serious injury, or damage to property and
equipment. Install all safety pins before transporting equipment.

7. Hold control console “ROTATE/TONGUE” switch in

ROTATE” and operate hydraulic control to rotate planter

until transport latch is engaged.

8. Install tongue safety pin.

Tongue safety pin

Transport latch locking pin installed

9. Install transport latch locking pin.

10. Remove manual safety lockup from storage location on

left side of axle hitch and position it behind front center lift

Manual safety lockup installed