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Kofax Front-Office Server Administrator’s Guide

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Note the following:


In the URL, “KFSAdmin” and “KFSWebClient” may be typed in all uppercase or all

lowercase, as in these examples:




You can omit the Web Client portion of the URL to start Kofax Front-Office Server Web

Client, as in this example:


You can also run Kofax Front-Office Server applications from the server where Kofax Front-Office

Server is running. Open a Web browser and enter the full URL as shown above, but use

“localhost” as the server host name. You can also select a command to start an application by

selecting Start | Programs, Kofax Front-Office Server and then the application.


Before running any of the applications, complete the installation and make sure that Kofax

Front-Office Server has started.

When you start an application, its Log On page appears. Enter the user name and password.

Passwords are case-sensitive.

Using the Administration Console

Use the Administration Console to add internal users and to link to directory services users, to

link to directory services groups, to create and assign roles, to install licenses, to add MFPs, to

create global shortcuts, to deploy profiles of shortcuts to MFPs, and to perform other server

administration tasks.

This section shows you how to start the Administration Console and perform initial setup and

registration. For full instructions on using the Administration Console refer to its online Help.

Starting the Administration Console

You can start the Administration Console from the server or from any computer that can connect

to the server where Kofax Front-Office Server is installed.

Before starting the Administration Console, do the following:


Make sure that the Web browser is certified by Kofax Front-Office Server.


Enable the browser to use cookies and JavaScript.


Make sure that Kofax Front-Office Server has been properly installed and is running.

X To start the Administration Console


Start the Administration Console by doing either of the following:


Open a certified Web browser and type the URL for Kofax Front-Office Server

Administration Console. For the URL, refer to

Identifying the URLs for Kofax Front-Office

Server Applications on page 10



If you are at the server, select Start | Programs | Kofax | Kofax Front-Office Server

Administration Console.

The the Administration Console Log On page appears (Figure 2).

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