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Kofax Front-Office Server Administrator’s Guide


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Tracking Document Activity

Information about the following document activity is stored in the Kofax Front-Office Server

database in the table doctracking_scanjob:


Documents scanned with an MFP


Scanned documents sent from an MFP to a destination


Documents sent from the Web Client to a destination

This information can be used for chain of custody tracking or to determine which records are no

longer needed and can be purged. The database records information related to creating and

releasing documents. This information includes the following:


Device name


Form type






Creation and release times

The following entity diagram shows the view into the Kofax Front-Office Server database, with

the columns and primary key (PK). Bold text indicates columns for required data.

Figure 8. Entity Diagram: Kofax Front-Office Server Database View

Retrieving Information from the Embedded Database: Examples

This section provides information about accessing the embedded database, and an example of a

SQL statement for retrieving information from the database.

Accessing the Embedded Database

For a new installation, you access the embedded database by using the user name and password

you specified for the database administrator during installation.

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